Poem and other Writings

         Poem-Together at Last

The adult hears the child’s cries
As the child sits in the shadow of silence.
The adult feels the child’s pain
As the child is crushed to numbness.
The adult tastes the child’s meager meal
As the child yearns for greater nourishment.
The adult sees the child’s sparse palette of colors
As the child attempts to color her world.
The adult smells the child’s life surroundings.
As the child tries to bury the stench.

The adult cries
As the child comes into the light and finds she can speak.
The adult lifts the load of the child
That the child may regain feeling.
The adult’s flavors become bland
As the child’s life is seasoned and nourished.
The adult mixes the child’s palette
To give greater color and depth to the child’s world.
The adult removes the child from the stench and offers
A meadow of sweet flowers and a brook of clear water.

The child tells the adult
The story of her life.
The child feels the adult’s awe
At her immense strength.
The child’s tastes affect those of the adult
While increasing the nourishment.
The child draws and paints the adult’s world
In her own special way.
The child uses the stench of her past
To make the adult’s flowers and meadow grow sweeter.

Child and adult walk on into her future
Together as one…..at last.

by Cynthia Lindsay (7/27/94)

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