My New Life -Chapter One

I have been away from my page for a while to evaluate what direction I wanted to take for my future. As I passed fifty and approached 65, I wanted to do more with my life than just be retired and take care of all my pet babies that I have accumulated. I am also married to a wonderful man that has been my first guinea pig in the area of Personal Growth in those around me.

I found that my life had given me many intuitive skills for working with people (and some animals), to influence their behavior in a positive direction. At this point, I decided to take some training to increase my skills and understanding of others on new levels.  At this time I am proud to present to you a new Certified Master Life Coach. I will be focusing on helping others with Personal Growth and Relationships. As you can imagine, these two areas are pretty broad.

There will sometimes be an overlap of Personal Growth and Relationships. You may need to relate differently with someone at work to reach a mutually beneficial work relation-ship requiring some personal growth on your part.

You may be going through a transition in your life, relationship, work, physical body or health changes. I can help you look at several possibilities to reach your goals and still be true to your personal needs and spiritual beliefs in a non-judgmental setting.

What does a Life Coach do? Just like an athletic coach, I help from the sidelines while you are out actually putting our combined ideas to work. The choices are always yours, as we are working on your life. You decide how slowly or quickly you need to progress. If a certain method doesn’t work for you, I have lots of other resources to choose from. I realize that coaching is Not a One Size Fits All.

If you have been stuck it some area of your life and unable to move forward, maybe it is time to get a coach. I would be honored if you would choose me to help you get the progress that you have been longing for.

If you are ready to start a new chapter in your life of more satisfying relationships and better understanding of why you have been stuck, Call Me. It is time to invest in you life and your future!

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