How Can I Help?

How a Certified Master Life Coach Can Help

  • I can help you get clarity about what you really want in life and how to achieve it.
  • I can guide you to more choices that will get you results in many areas of your life.
  • I can help you learn what personal beliefs are keeping you stuck and frustrated.
  • I can help you attain self-awareness and increase your communication skills.
  • As you attain greater Personal Growth, you will learn how to achieve further results for yourself.

Case Examples


I worked with a twelve-year-old Autistic student that was non-verbal and needed assistance with walking, eating and other daily tasks. She also had what I call “Busy Hands”. I worked with her in a school setting and one to one throughout the school year.
Once I figured out how much she could understand, I started helping her to take small steps to improve her life. As we walked together, I taught her to pay attention to her surroundings. She could manage to walk if she would only pay attention to where she was putting her feet. By the end of the school the year she was walking independently. I also helped her to learn to feed herself.
She became aware that the rules were changing and that she would have to be an active participant to get what she wanted. Every few weeks I got her closer to being more independent. Her mother was elated after she also could get the same results. Her mother could finally have a hot meal and her siblings began getting more of mom’s attention.

Interpersonal Relationships

The husband had been raised in a family that believed that whoever yelled and screamed the loudest and longest, won the confrontation. He had been single for about ten years before he married a woman that came from a very quiet family where there were few healthy boundaries. She had no significant amount of time between relationships to learn how to set boundaries.
His tantrums left his wife feeling very intimidated and it would make her cry. He felt that she was just being oversensitive. After that the house would go silent.
The husband noticed he hadn’t seen the cat for a while. He had a tantrum and made a lot of noise and threatening gestures. I told him that his yelling and throwing things was affecting both his wife and the cat! The cat was hiding and only came out when he was asleep or gone.
With his new self-awareness, he started slowly changing his life by keeping his temper under control. Now he no longer acts out in anger. Now if he starts feeling out of control in any way, he goes to the bedroom to watch TV and calm down.
This has resulted in better communication with him and his wife, more visits from the cat and less stress for everyone. He realized that he emotionally hurt and scared his wife and the cat. He also remembered how he felt as a small child when his parents would yell and throw things.
His wife had been a loyal friend for many years before they got married, and he didn’t want to loose that. He learned to make his wife feel appreciated.
When you promote self-awareness, you empower the client to learn how to make important changes in their life. These changes can be amazing in many ways, affecting not only the client but those around them as well.